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1 A Comparative analysis of two computerized methods for patient history collection.1987-08Text
2 A comparison of creatinine measurement by the Jaffe and enzymatic methods in an outpatient population2014-12Text
3 A comparison of instructional methods used in college-based medical-technology programs.1973-12Text
4 A comparison of job content and job descriptions among Utah laboratorians.1982-06Text
5 A comparison of the cyclone and the horizontal elutriator for sampling respirable dust in a Utah coal mine.1982-06Text
6 A Computer system for measurement of systolic time intervals.1982-03Text
7 A Computerized approach to dietary analysis.1978-12Text
8 A Computerized radiology ordering/reporting system based on most likely diagnoses.1980-03Text
9 A correlation of the bacterial flora of the nasopharynx and the urinary tract to "Bacterial Allergy."1951Text
10 A member of the mycobiome modulates a host metabolite to increase intestinal permeability and disease2015-05Text
11 A Model for problem solving using computer-assisted instruction.1980-12Text
12 A needs assessment for and development of an instructional manual on clinical microbiology for medical personnel.1981-06Text
13 A simulator of a multiphasic patient-screening facility1970-08Text
14 A transgenic zebrafish model of signaling through toll-like receptors2011-05Text
15 The ACT3 gene and epigenetics1997-08Text
16 Activation of the apoptotic pathway in response to chemotherapy in childhood leukemia2000-05Text
17 Adequacy of capillary lead specimens1995-08Text
18 The affects of passaging strains of Mycoplasma arthritidis and Mycoplasma hominis, type 2, in the rat.1969-06Text
19 AIDS knowledge and attitudes in a Utah seventh and eighth grade population1988-12Text
20 Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone regulation of tumor necrosis factor and interleukin 1-indicible biologic responses1989-06Text
21 Alteration of murine mammary tumor metastasis and growth by cytomegalovirus infection1980-06Text
22 Alternative treatment options for cryptococcal meningitis: the search for amphotericin B synergists2019Text
23 An Analysis of knowledge engineering process.1991-06Text
24 An Application of automated decision logic in diagnostic radiology.1980-06Text
25 An assessment of factors contributing to hospital utilization: and a look at deficiencies in the Utah projection process of hospital bed demand.1980-06Text
1 - 25 of 492