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1 Adrenocorticotrophic hormone in the body fluids.1948Text
2 Automation of urinalysis.1970-06Text
3 Biosynthesis of pancreatic ribonuclease1959-08Text
4 The chemistry of the nucleic acids.1949Text
5 Clinical evaluation of enflurane.1973-06Text
6 Comparison of liquid medium and charcoal tube sampling methods for ethylene oxide1983-08Text
7 Determination of the six ApoE genotypes using an isolated probe-polymerase chain reaction technique combined with multiplexed unlabeled probes and high resolution melting analysis2006-08Text
8 Diabetic urine testing by hospital nursing personnel1970-06Text
9 Effect of aging on dextrostix readings1975-04Text
10 Enzymatic hydrolysis of peptides containing ß-alanine1948Text
11 Hemoglobin adsorption onto glass and polymers1984-03Text
12 Isolation of the secretory component of immunoglobulin A and production of a specific antiserum1975-03Text
13 Monocyte nonspecific esterase: a technique for quantifying activity1981-12Text
14 Neutron interaction tool, pyNIC for advanced applications in nuclear power, nuclear medicine, and nuclear security2014-12Text
15 Pleiotropic functions of Hox genes revealed by mutants for genes in Hox seventh and ninth paralogous groups1998-08Text
16 Preanalytic variation in plasma amino acids1999-12Text
17 ProtosLINK: a bioinformatics application to manage protein identifications, annotations, and related sample information2003-08Text
18 Reactions of xanthydrol with the amino acids and cytochrome C1953Text
19 Small watershed flood frequency analysis for Utah2012-12Text
20 Use of a mechanical model to show the benefits of modern anatomical features of homo sapiens for head stabilization during running2011-05Text
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