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1 109Ag NMR investigation of atomic motions in the incommensurate and paraelectric phases of proustite (Ag3AsS3)2000Text
2 14N study of the role of N-D---O bonds in the deuteron glass transition1999Text
3 31P NMR spin-lattice relaxation: structural glass dynamics in Rb1-x(ND4)xD2PO41993Text
4 35Cl spin-lattice relaxation in incommensurate bis(4-chlorophenyl)sulfone1995-01Text
5 3He spin exchange cells for magnetic resonance imaging2002Text
6 79Br nuclear-quadrupole-resonance lineshape and Raman-induced spin-lattice relaxation in the incommensurate phase of β- ThBr41989Text
7 93Nb NMR in the imcommensurate and quasi-commensurate phases of barium sodium niobate1994Text
8 A contribution to the many-fermion problem2012-01-01Text
9 AGAPE, a microlensing search in the direction of M31: status report1995Text
10 AGAPE: a search for dark matter in M31 by microlensing effects on unresolved stars1997Text
11 AGAPE: andromeda gravitational amplification pixel experiment1997Text
12 AGAPEROS: searching for microlensing in the LMC with the pixel method. I. Data treatment and pixel light curves production1999Text
13 Aberration features in directional dark matter detection2012-01-01Text
14 Absence of (1,0) supersymmetry anomaly in world-sheet gauge theories: a purely cohomological proof1989-01Text
15 Absorption at radio frequencies in superconducting Y1Ba2Cu3Oy1989Text
16 Absorption studies of charged excitations in α-sexithiophene1996Text
17 Absorption-detected magnetic-resonance studies of photoexcitations in conjugated-polymer/C60 composites1996-02Text
18 Accuracy of bosonization for localized interactions2000Text
19 Acoustic approach to thermal management: miniature thermoacoustic engines2006Text
20 Adiabatic compressional cooling of He31969-03Text
21 Admittance spectroscopy study of polymer diodes in small magnetic fields2012-01-01Text
22 Advances in experimental technique for quantitative two dimensional dopant profiling by scanning capacitance microscopy1999Text
23 AgapeZ1: a large amplification microlensing event or an odd variable star towards the inner bulge of M311999Text
24 Air-induced fluorescence bursts from single semiconductor nanocrystals2004Text
25 Algebraic and geometric aspects of generalized quantum dynamics1994-06Text
1 - 25 of 924