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1 Heilman, Christina AnnA mixed methods approach examining alpine ski racing as a context; for positive youth developmentAdolescence; Alpine ski racing; Caring; Motivational climate; Positive youth development; Youth sport2011-08dissertation
2 Harveson, AndrewAcute exercise and academic achievement in youthActivity; Cognition; Exercise; Mathematics2015dissertation
3 Heinemann, Angela M.Attitudes towards physical education activity of parents whose children are homeschooled versus parents whose children attend public schoolHealth sciences; Kinesiology2017dissertation
4 Barrett-O'Keefe, ZacharyCardiovascular control during exercise and the role of the sympathetic nervous system in heart failure with reduced ejection fractionBlood flow; Blood pressure; Exercise; Heart failure; Sympathetic nervous system2015dissertation
5 Lemons, Pamela StarkComparisons between family profiles of level 10 and elite female gymnasts and the United States National female gymnastic teamBirth order; Exercise science; Sports psychology2014-05dissertation
6 Burns, Ryan DonaldDevelopment and cross-validation of aerobic capacity prediction models in adolescent youthAdolescents; Aerobic capacity; Fitness; Health; Prediction2014-12dissertation
7 Jang, Chang-YongDevelopment and validation of the sport character scaleCompassion; Fairness; Integrity; Sport Character; Sport Character Scale; Sportspersonship2013-05dissertation
8 Hayes, Heather AnneEffect of age, Parkinson Disease, and Dopamine on acquisition performance and retention learning of a standing implicit motor sequence taskDopamine; Implicit; Motor learning; Parkinson Disease; Aging; Psychology; Cognitive psychology2014-05dissertation
9 Miller, Jason D.The effect of exercise order on testosterone and cortisol responses to lower and upper body resistance training exercisesAnabolic; Bodybuilding; Cortisol; Strength; Strength and conditioning; Testosterone2010-08dissertation
10 Gonzalez, Stephen PatrickThe effect of failure on physiological stress, emotional responses, and performance in high and low resilient athletesCollege athletes; Emotions; Failure; Psychophysiology; Resilience; Sport psychology2013-08dissertation
11 Qasheesh, Mohammed AhmadEffect of fear avoidance treatment for acute/sub-acute low back pain patients in physical therapy clinics: a randomized clinical trialPhysical therapy2016dissertation
12 Phillips, David SpencerThe effect of vigorous intensity acute exercise on executive functionCognition; Executive function; Physical activity; Physical education2012-08dissertation
13 Daniels, Paul JayEffects of a 12-week periodized resistance training program on muscle strength, muscle quality, and physical activity after roux-en-y gastric bypass surgeryCross-sectional area; Muscle mass; Physical activity; RYGB; Strength; Weight loss2016dissertation
14 Fu, YouEffects of a health-related physical fitness intervention on students' physical activity, cardiovascular fitness, motivation, and academic learning timeAcademic learning time; Cardiovascular fitness; Health-related; Motivation; Physical activity; SPARK; Physical education; Kinesiology2014-12dissertation
15 Goh, Tan LengEffects of a movement integration program on elementary school children's physical activity, fitness levels, and on-task behavior and teachers' implementation experiencesPhysical education; Elementary education2014-05dissertation
16 Vonlintel, Drew JamesEffects of a peer tutor training program on tutors and tutees with severe disabilities in adapted physical educationAdapted; Education; Evaluation; Peer; Physical; Tutors2015dissertation
17 Smith, Chad EthanThe effects of a postactivation potentiation warm-up on subsequent sprint performancePhysical education; Kinesiology2012-12dissertation
18 Larson, Abigail JEffects of a single dose of Quercetin on cardiovascular function in normotensive and hypertensive menPharmacology; Health sciences; Nutrition2010-08dissertation
19 Papa, Evan VoyEffects of acute muscle fatigue on postural control in healthy adults and persons with Parkinson's DiseaseMuscle fatigue; Parkinson's disease; Postural control; Physical therapy; Aging; Kinesiology2014-08dissertation
20 Huang, ChaoqunEffects of motivational and volitional interventions on adolescents' physical activity behaviorHealth; Intention; Motivation; Overweight; Behavioral psychology; Physical education; Health education; Motivation; Physical fitness2012-12dissertation
21 Fuller, Arwen A.The efficacy of a high versus a low dose of exercise to reduce body weight and improve body composition in overweight womenBody weight, Energy balance, Exercise, Exercise Dose, Metabolic rate, Weightloss; Womens studies; Kinesiology2012-12dissertation
22 Briggs, Robert AllanEnhanced Rehabilitation Targeting Strength and Movement Pattern Symmetry Following Hip FracturePhysical therapy; Aging; Health sciences2015-12dissertation
23 Connors, Brian PatrickExploring a new paradigm in outpatient musculoskeletal rehabilitation: chronic disease prevention and facilitating patient self-management2018dissertation
24 Elmer, Steven JosephFatigue during multijoint exercise: biomechanical central, peripheral, and age-related aspectsAging; Biomechanics; Central; Muscle fatigue; Neuromuscular function; Peripheral2011-12dissertation
25 Larson, Jessyka N.Fit 'n' Cool Kids: children's experiences and the effects of character peer modeling and goal setting on children's physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumptionPublic Health Education; Early childhood education; Physical education; Nutrition2017dissertation
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