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1 Perkins, RebekahYoga for seniors: understanding their beliefs about and barriers to participationaging; beliefs; benefits; frailty; physcial activity; yoga2017thesis
2 Vlam, Sheri.Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnostic assessment methods used by advanced practice registered nurses.Diagnosis; Primary Care2004-05thesis
3 Willhite, Carol Campbell.Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients during hospitalization and at time of discharge.Mentally Ill; Anxiety1964-06thesis
4 Gillins, Linda JulianAnxiety levels of psychiatric patients throughout hospitalizationMental Disabilities; Anxiety1976-06thesis
5 Kristic, Janet Elizabeth BloomerAnxiety levels of hospitalized psychiatric patients throughout total hospitalizationFriedman Analysis; Hospitalization1972-06thesis
6 Lamb, Ruth WattsComparative study of death anxiety among baccalaureate nursing studentsPsychology; Utah; University of Utah1997-06thesis
7 Shiramizu, Elsie MasayeComparative study of the nurse and the physician giving primary care at the well-child conference1971-06thesis
8 Taylor, Toni JeanComparison of separation behaviors on the Winnicott set situation" and the modified Ainsworth paradigm of nine month old infants;"1980-08thesis
9 Batson, Margaret KittingerComparison of hospital maternity charges to consumers of certified nurse-midwives, family practitioners, and obstetriciansEconomics; Hospital; Billing1982-12thesis
10 Martin, Colleen AndersonComparison of physician's and nurses's opinions of autonomous nursing functionsIndependent; Education; Nursing Duties1967-06thesis
11 Vasquez, Elizabeth F.Comparison of the effectiveness of a hexachlorophene and non-hexachlorophene product as a handwashing agentHospitals; Sanitation; Soap1973-06thesis
12 Phillips, SuzanneComparison of perceptions of infant behaviors and development by adolescent and nonadolescent mothersInfant psychology; Teenage mothers1979-03thesis
13 Krauser, Sheila AnnConcerns of primiparous mothers regarding infant careChildbirth; Infants; Psychology1976-06thesis
14 Roberts, Dorothy JeanComparative effectiveness of the three-maneuver enema and regular cleansing enemasNursing; Barium Emium1968-06thesis
15 Storm, Shannon GailComparison of types of management of normal labor and maternal fetal outcomeChildbirth; Labor (Obstetrics)1979-08thesis
16 Hanna, Marguerite A.Changes in self-actualization among senior nursing studentsPsychosocial Management; Course Enrollment1977-12thesis
17 Pethick, Mary Jane IrvinThe assessment of physicians' attitudes toward the practice of nurse-midwifery in the state of AlaskaDemographic; Questionnaires:1977-06thesis
18 Cavallo, Carol AnnAssessment of nine and ten year old nonhandicapped children's attitudes toward physically handicapped children1979-12thesis
19 Hangsleben, Karin Jean LarsonAttitudes and behaviors of husbands making the transition to fatherhoodFathers; Maternity Nursing1975-06thesis
20 Markle, Donna Marie WallwayAttitudes of nurses toward parents who abuse their childrenPediataric Nursing;Abusive Parents1974-06thesis
21 Nisselius, Judith KayBehavioral assessment of the Navajo newbornNavajo; New Mexico; Newborn Behavioral Scales1976-06thesis
22 Lobsiger, Jacqueline AngelaUse of algorithm in healthy women with acute uncomplicated cystitis: cost and outcomeStatistics1998-03thesis
23 Oleson, Kathy J.Investigation of supporting and restraining factors for instituting collaborative practice in a community hospitalOrganization and Administration; Nurse-Physician Joint Practice; Utah; Odgen1984-06thesis
24 Murphy, Elaine ParryInvestigation of the Schwartz, Parloff and Stephenson categorization of behavior of psychiatric nurses in nurse-patient interactionsNursing Behavior1963-06thesis
25 Maxfield, Urla JeaneExamination of factors influencing development of health care policy and programs in a state health departmentManpower1984-08thesis
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