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1 Dong, JiaweiConsolidation and permeability of flocculated kaolinite sedimentVast oil sand resources are located in the province of Alberta, Canada, where water-based oil sands extraction operations are found including extraction and separation of the bitumen from the clay, sand, and water. The production of each barrel of synthetic crude oil (SCO) requires 2 m3 of processe...Consolidation; Flocculation; Kaolinite; Permeability2017
2 Miller, Jan D.The behavior of arsenic trioxide in non-ferrous extractive metallurgical processingStudy of the acid bake-leach process has shown potential advantages for the treatment of enargite (Cu3AsS4) concentrates. Among the most important advantages of the process is the transformation of enargite to water-soluble copper sulfate and highly soluble arsenic trioxide (arsenolite). Because ars...2014-01-01
3 Miller, Jan D.Effect of surface oxidation on interfacial water structure at the pyrite (100) surface as studied by MDSFlotation provides a number of alternatives for the processing of gold ores containing sulfide minerals. e.g. flotation of free gold and gold-bearing sulfides to produce a gold-rich concentrate for regrinding, oxidative pretreatment and cyanidation.2014-01-01
4 Miller, Jan D.High resolution X-ray microtomography based micro finite element analysis of mechanical properties of cellular materialThe macroscopic mechanical (elastic) properties of closed foams (ROHACELL) estimated from micro finite element analysis are reported in this paper. The complex 3D geometries of ROHACELL foams with different densities were analyzed using high resolution X-ray microtomography (HRXMT). The microstructu...2013-01-01
5 Miller, Jan D.A new cone beam X-ray microtomography facility for 3D analysis of multiphase materialsThree-dimensional x-ray microtomography offers a unique imaging capability. Spatial resolution on the order of ten microns can be achieved with the use of microfocus x-ray generators. Recently, a state-of-the-art, flexible cone beam x-ray microtomography system has been installed at the University o...2001-01-01
6 Rajamani, RajAdvances in discrete element method application to grinding millsDiscrete element method (DEM) has made significant impact in the design and operation of grinding mills. The internal charge motion of grinding balls and ore can be readily examined. As a result, this method enables one to design and examine mill internals via simulation. This manuscript details es...2014-01-01
7 Miller, Jan D.Understanding the agglomeration behavior of nickel laterite and gold ores using statistical design of experimentsThe drum agglomeration of nickel laterite and gold ores has been optimized through the design of experiments (DOE) using a Taguchi L16 (45) orthogonal array to determine the optimum conditions for maximizing average agglomerate size and minimizing the amount of fines. The effects of controllable ope...2014-01-01
8 Miller, Jan D.Flotation chemistry of soluble salt minerals: from ion hydration to colloid adsorptionIn this paper, recent progress with respect to the flotation chemistry of soluble salt minerals is reviewed, and some of the more relevant issues including the hydration states of ions, the interfacial phenomena of salt surfaces and the flotation behavior of selected soluble salts are discussed. Due...2014-01-01
9 Miller, Jan D.Chemical utilization of sequestered carbon dioxide as a booster of hydrogen economyFor many, hydrogen in a pure hydrogen economy would be like natural gas in today's energy economy. Unfortunately, hydrogen's physical properties are unsuited to the energy market's requirements in terms of packaging, storage, transfer, and delivery. In this paper, a hybrid energy economy that packag...2008-01-01
10 Miller, Jan D.Molecular dynamics simulations of metal-cyanide complexes: fundamental considerations in gold hydrometallurgyThis study utilizes molecular dynamics simulations (MDS) in order to evaluate the hydration state and the characteristics of metal-cyanide anions in aqueous solutions. Cyanide complexes of gold, silver, zinc, mercury, and copper were examined. Tetracyano anions of zinc and mercury showed the highest...2011-01-01
11 Miller, Jan D.Synthesis of DME from CO₂/H₂ gas mixtureThe activity and durability of two hybrid bifunctional dimethyl ether (DME) synthesis catalysts: 6CuO-3ZnO-Al2O3/ƴ-Al2O3 and 6CuO-3ZnO-1Al2O3/HZSM-5, have been evaluated for the conversion of CO2/H2 to DME at 260oC, 5 MPa, and gas per hourly space velocity (GHSV) of 3000 mL gcat -1 h-1 in fixed-bed...2011-01-01
12 Miller, Jan D.Understanding the role of ion interactions in soluble salt flotationThere is anecdotal evidence for the significant effects of salt ions on the flotation separation of minerals using process water of high salt content. Examples include flotation of soluble salt minerals such as potash, trona and borax in brine solutions. Although some of the effects are expected, so...2011-01-01
13 Miller, Jan D.Thiourea-thiocyanate leaching system for goldThe leaching of gold in thiourea-thiocyanate solutions has been studied by the rotating-disk technique using ferric sulfate as oxidant. The effects of initial concentrations of ferric, thiourea (Tu) and thiocyanate as well as temperature and pH values on gold leaching rates were studied. An initial ...2010-01-01
14 Miller, Jan D.Particle interactions in kaolinite suspensions and corresponding aggregate structuresThe surface charge densities of the silica face surface and the alumina face surface of kaolinite 13 particles, recently determined from surface force measurements using atomic force microscopy, 14 show a distinct dependence on the pH of the system. The silica face was found to be negatively 15 char...2011-01-01
15 Miller, Jan D.Particle damage and exposure analysis in HPGR crushing of selected copper ores for column leachingIn mining operations, jaw and gyratory crushers are generally used for primary crushing, and cone crushers are used for secondary crushing. During the past decade, however, High-Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) are being considered due to potential processing benefits such as energy savings, improved ...2011-01-01
16 Miller, Jan D.Modulated Cr(III) oxidation in KOH solutions at a gold electrode: competition between disproportionation and stepwise electron transferThe electrochemical oxidation of aqueous Cr(III) was examined using cyclic voltammetry with a polycrystalline Au electrode in KOH solutions of varying pH and Cr(III) concentration. The mechanism and kinetics for the oxidation of Cr(III) is a quasi-reversible diffusion-controlled reaction and is larg...2011-01-01
17 Miller, Jan D.Erratum to Evaluation of stucco binder for agglomeration in the heap leaching of copper oreFigure 8 top legend is mentioned incorrectly. The legend "With ferric sulfate: column leaching of agglomerates (stucco) should be red in color and column leaching of agglomerates (no stucco) should be blue in color. The correct Fig. 8 is shown below. The authors would like to apologize for the incon...2011-01-01
18 Miller, Jan D.Leaching of gold in acid thiourea-thiocyanate solutions using ferric sulfate as oxidantThe leaching of gold in ferric-thiourea-thiocyanate solutions has been studied by the rotating-disk technique. The effects of initial concentrations of ferric, thiourea (Tu), thiocyanate, temperature and pH value on gold leaching rate were studied. Determinations of apparent activation energy indica...2011-01-01
19 Miller, Jan D.Evaluation of stucco binder for agglomeration in the heap leaching of copper oreIt is known that the presence of excess fines in heap leaching operations may cause low recovery due to reduced heap permeability and/or channeling of lixiviant flow. These problems are mitigated to some extent by agglomeration pretreatment prior to heap leaching. Sulfuric acid leach solution is the...2011-01-01
20 Miller, Jan D.Flotation chemistry of nonsulfide mineralsThe dimensions of nonsulfide flotation technology extend in many different directions, as might be expected from the diversity of t he mineral classes, which include soluble salt minerals (potash, borax, and trona), semi-soluble salt minerals (phosphate minerals, fluorite, calcite, and barite), ins...Nonsulfide minerals; Hydrophobic surface state; Oleate adsorption2002
21 Miller, Jan D.Particle size segregation on a belt conveyorParticle size segregation is a common phenomenon in many particulate processes and has many undesirable effects. The size segregation which occurs on a belt conveyor causes a serious problem for on-line particle size measurement using image-based techniques. Whether particle size distributions mea...Particles; Size; Belt conveyors; Modelling1997
22 Miller, Jan D.Solvent extraction reagents for gold recovery from alkaline cyanide solutionsThree different solvent extraction systems for the recovery of gold from alkaline cyanide solutions are reviewed. These include the modified amine extractants in which the basicity of simple alkyl amines, with respect to the aurocyanide anion, is controlled by the addition of alkyl phosphorous ester...Solvents; Extraction; Gold; Alkaline cyanide; Amine extractants; Solvating extractants; Substituted guanidines1993
23 Miller, Jan D.; Lin, Chen-LuhFlotation recovery of high-purity gibbsite concentrates from a Brazilian bauxite oreRecently research efforts have been made to obtain a high-purity gibbsite concentrate, suitable for first-class alumina refractories, from a Brazilian bauxite ore containing gibbsite (50%), quartz (35%),and kaolinite (15%). Detailed polished-section microprobe analysis was used to describe the ...Gibbsite; Alumina1990
24 Miller, Jan D.; Lin, Chen-LuhScientific visualization in mineral and material processingScientific visualization is an ideal methodology for investigating complex phenomena that are characterized by large amounts of data. Furthermore, it is invaluable in the study of processes that evolve in time. Scientific visualization relies heavily on computer graphics, image processing and video...Air sparged hydrocyclone flotation; Ball mill grinding; Tomography; Computer graphics1993
25 Miller, Jan D.Comparison of process alternatives for gold recovery from cyanide leach solutionsBoth conventional and nonconventional process alternatives for gold recovery from cyanide heap leach solutions are discussed in terms of possible flowsheets. Conventional process alternatives include carbon adsorption and zinc dust precipitation, while nonconventional process alternatives include re...Conventional; Exchange; Flowsheet1984
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