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1 Francis, LesliePermissiveness and control (Book Review)A review of the book "Permissiveness and Control".Books; Philosophy1981-10
2 Francis, LeslieIn the realm of legal and moral Philosophy; (Book Review)Reviews the book `In the Realm of Legal and Moral Philosophy;,' by Matthew H. Kramer.Books; Philosophy2001-01
3 Firmage, Edwin B.Judicial campaign against polygamy and the enduring legal questionsFor lay people the chief virtue of our Constitution is not in its distribution of power or in its guarantees of participation in governmental processes but in the protections it affords individual liberties, not least of which is freedom of conscience. Yet ratification of the Bill of Rights did not...Polygamists; Edmunds Act; Cohabitation1987
4 Flynn, John J.ResponseSpeculation proceeding upon no set path and minimizing a logical thread of analysis may often be far more productive of insights into our never-ending search for knowledge than the most logical and analytical pursuit of "truth." The latter process is often premised upon unchallenged and unchallenge...Truth; Society ; Values1975
5 Flynn, John J.Introduction: symposium- Antitrust Policy and Health Care ReformHealth care markets and related sectors of the economy like insurance provide essential services in our society. They have been undergoing rapid change for at least the past decade, yet some thirty-seven to thirty-nine million citizens lack health care insurance at one time or another each year; ra...Antitrust law; Insurance, Health; Medical care1995
6 Flynn, John J.Misuse and abuse of the Tunney Act: the adverse consequences of the microsoft fallaciesThere have been two Microsoft cases leading to final judgements. Throughout the Tunney Act processes in both cases, however, there was little discussion regarding the standards of judicial review that should apply in a Tunney Act consent decree proceeding where no litigation has taken place. There ...Tunney Act; Microsoft; Microsoft fallacy2003
7 Francis, LeslieLegal truth and moral realismThis January, the United States Supreme Court heard oral argument in appeals from two controversial "right to die" cases; decisions in the cases are expected by the end of the term.1 The Ninth Circuit case held that Washington's ban on assisted suicide, including physician-assisted suicide, violate...Suicide; Dying; Ethics1997
8 Flynn, John J.Is and "ought" of vertical restraints after Monsanto Co. v. Spray-Rite Service Corp.Great hopes and great fears accompanied the Supreme Court's decision to review the Seventh Circuit's decision in Spray-Rite Service Corp. v. Monsanto Co. (2) Proponents of a neoclassical economic model of antitrust analysis, including the Reagan administration, saw Monsanto as a vehicle for bringing...1986
9 Firmage, Edwin B.Ends and meansSince the advent of the atomic era, the United States has decided to wage war by covert means, intervening secretly in the election, selection and direction of governments in other countries. Our weapons are subversive propaganda, including "black" propaganda and disinformation; undermining the econ...Prados, John; Cockburn, Leslie; Treverton, Gregory; Covert wars; Central Intelligence Agency; CIA1988
10 Flynn, John J.Old wine in new bottles: some observations about current monopolization litigationLawyers seldom have the luxury of speaking in generalities. The particulars of the cases and the client's problems we deal with usually limit our immediate concerns and thinking to the facts at hand. Facts, unlike the generalities law professors are allowed to dispense in the classroom or the unrea...Lawyers; Assumptions; Analysis1983
11 Firmage, Edwin B.MX:democracy, religion and the rule of law--my journeyThis is my story of the defeat of the MX missile's proposed basing mode in the Great Basin of the West. Where to begin? I'm reflecting on cancer and MX at this moment. About journeys where we would not go but do. Beginnings are not easy, though the first verses of Genesis and John make them sound so...Missile Experimental; Great Basin; Cold War2004
12 Francis, LesliePoverty, age discrimination, and health careIn Euripides' play Alcestis, Alcestis' middle-aged husband, Admetus, is told by the gods that it is his turn to die next. Admetus bargains a reprieve, promising in exchange to find another soul to take his place. His friends all turn him down. So do his father and mother. Admetus rebukes his father...Alcesti, Section, Objective1985
13 Firmage, Edwin B.Reflections on Mormon history: Zion and the anti-legal traditionSIR HENRY MAINE, OUR FIRST GREAT MODERN legal historian of the English language and law, in describing the paradigmatic shift from early feudal European society to a world of secular, territorial nation-states and market economy, observed that we had moved "from status to contract." "Status" assume...Heaven; Christians; Revelations1998
14 Firmage, Edwin B.Knowledge and Politics by Roberto Mangabeira Unger (book review)Unger's Knowledge and Politics is a rare philosophical endeavor: it is an expression of hope articulated as a theory of human nature and politics. The hope expressed in Unger's work is that the empiricism of Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume, and the corollary thesis of the subjectivity of values an...Book review; Philosophy1972
15 Firmage, Edwin B.Book review: Luard, The International Regulation of Frontier DisputesThe international system, like its municipal counterparts, has developed procedures and techniques for dispute resolution. These include traditional political or diplomatic procedures such as inquiry or fact-finding, conciliation, negotiation, and mediation. Other procedures are of a juridical natur...Territorial conflicts; European boundaries; Political and diplomatic resolutions1972-09
16 Flynn, John J.District of Columbia juvenile delinquency proceddings; apprehension to dispositionWhile all agencies connected with the dentention and treatment of juveniles in the District of Columbia issue annual reports which are available to the public, indications are that a widespread unawareness exists in both bar and judiciary as to the nature, purpose and efffectiveness of the socio-leg...District of Columbia; Juvenile detention (U.S)1960
17 Flynn, John J.Function and dysfunction of per se rules in vertical market restraintsIn 1963, the Supreme Court held it did not know enough about the "economic and business stuff" out of which nonprice vertical market restraints "emerge" to determine whether they should be measured by a "rule of reason" test or one of "per se illegality.'" Seventeen years later, after one flip2 and ...1980
18 Flynn, John J.Legal reasoning, antitrust policy and the social "science" of economicsThere is an area some eight to ten miles off Astoria, Oregon, called "The Bar," where the fresh water of the Columbia River meets the salt water of the Pacific Ocean. It is a place of turbulent, shifting currents and choppy waters where moving sand bars trap even the most experienced sailors. Like ...1988
19 Flynn, John J.Legal reasoning and the jurisprudence of vertical restraints: the limitations of neoclassical economic analysis in the resolution of antitrust disputesThe question of how antitrust policy "ought" to treat vertical distribution restraints in the 1980s under section 1 of the Sherman Act(1) embodies the difficulties entailed when any field of law becomes captive to a single paradigm. (2) Inherently political assumptions concerning the proper scope ...1987
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