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1 Late holocene climate change in the Tigray Plateau, Ethiopia2019Textir_etd
2 Tropical forcing of West Antarctic ice Sheet surface mass balance variability2019Textir_etd
3 Vehicular route modeling for safe travel during urban flooding2019Textir_etd
4 Late quaternary environmental change as inferred from diatoms of the sediments of Bear Lake, Utah/IdahoTextir_etd
5 Geographies of grassroots sustainabilities: mapping the places and spaces of transition2019Textir_etd
6 Spatial modeling of wildland fire ignition potential in Utah2019Textir_etd
7 Air pollution and fetal development: Fine particulate matter and preterm birth in Utah (2005-2008)2018Textir_etd
8 Wing Sze Chan Master in Geographic Information Science PortfolioInteractiveResourceir_msgis
9 Taylor Nelson Master in Geographic Information Science Portfolio2021InteractiveResourceir_msgis
10 Garrett Hopkins Master in Geographic Information Science PortfolioInteractiveResourceir_msgis
11 Evaluating health and farming methods in burkina faso2019Textir_etd
12 Seasonal and spatial distribution of wet snow on three volcanoes in Western Washington mapped with synthetic aperture radar2019Textir_etd
13 Snow cover trends over high Mountain asia from modis snow cover and grain size2019Textir_etd
14 Analysis and Prediction of Utah Transit Authority Service Areas1972Textir_etd
15 South American Immigration to Utah1972Textir_etd
16 Mapping Vitality in Utah's Salt Lake County2019Textir_htoa
17 Comparative Indigenous Water Law in the Western United States and Australia2018Textir_htoa
18 Synthetic Aperture Radar Snow Conditions: Seasonal and Diurnal Signals in the Upper Indus Basin2018Textir_etd
19 Erik Neemann Master in Geographic Information Science Portfolio2019InteractiveResourceir_msgis
20 The application of stable carbon isotopes as an enhanced method for statistical crossdating: A case study from Range Creek Canyon, Utah2014Textir_etd
21 Remote Sensing and Geospatial Modeling of Wildland Firefighter Safety2018Textir_etd
22 Modeling Vegetation Distribution and Carbon Sequestration in the Pacific Northwest2018Textir_etd
23 Changing Agricultural Suitability: Model Development and Applications in the Past and Future2018Textir_etd
24 Land use change : the impact of the traditional process of land use change on the Sumner neighborhood in Salt Lake City1974Textir_etd
25 Automated Approaches for Snow and Ice Cover Monitoring Using Optical Remote Sensing2017Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 174