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1 Burger, Marcus AlexanderAccounting measurement and beta risk measuresAccounting; Beta; Conservatism; Risk2012-08dissertation
2 Pawar, Sheelwant BapuraoAn environmental study of the development of the Utah labor movement, 1860-19351968dissertation
3 Pawar, Sheelwant BapuraoAn environmental study of the development of the Utah labor movement, 1860-1935 vol.21968dissertation
4 Sandvik, Jason J.Board Monitoring, director connections, and credit quality2019dissertation
5 Soderberg, Andrew T.Can you expect the boss to be ethical? the effects of the boss' power and status on subordinates' trustEthical; Expectations; Power; Status; Trust2016dissertation
6 Kim, Yeon KyeongChanges in market structure and financial market outcomes2014-08dissertation
7 Cai, HuanCollateral, two-dimensional moral hazard, and competitionAdverse Selection, Collateral, Competition, Debt Contract, Moral Hazard2012-12dissertation
8 Netchaeva, EkaterinaDeveloping a model of jealousy expression and manifestation in organizational settings within same- and mixed-sex triadsGender differences; Jealousy; Organizations2014dissertation
9 Smith, Isaac H.The disruption model of inspiration: toward a general model of "being inspired to act"Ethics; Inspiration; Leadership; Morality; Motivation; Prosocial behavior; Social psychology; Management2014-08dissertation
10 McMahon, Susan RyanThe efficiency of resource reallocation within firmsResource reallocation; Business planning; Accounting; Resource allocation; Efficiency; Corporate governance; FASB statements; Financial accounting standards2011-08dissertation
11 Angus, Ryan WinnEntrepreneurial value creation: three essays examining how entrepreneurs create value under conditions of uncertaintyEntrepreneurship; Marketing; Economic theory2018dissertation
12 Carrion, Allen MarioEssays in empirical market microstructureCorporate bonds; High-frequency trading; Market microstructure; Market quality; Mini-flash crashes; Trading costs; Finance2012-08dissertation
13 Zhang, XiaodiEssays in financial marketsStock exchanges; Finance; Economic theory2015-08dissertation
14 Lindsey, Scott HixsonEssays in healthcare quality and efficiency: an operations management examinationCompetititive capability; Drivers of quality and efficiency; Healthcare efficiency; Healthcare focus; Healthcare operations research; Healthcare quality2012-05dissertation
15 Jin, MingEssays in supply chain managementSocial sciences; Bullwhip effect; Pharmaceutical supply chain; Trade promotion2016dissertation
16 Qiu, MingmingEssays on corporate financeCorporate finance; Finance; Default; Investors; Debt2013-08dissertation
17 Bulsiewicz, James GerardEssays on investor sentiment and institutional trading momentumAnomalies; Institutional Demand; Institutional Trading Momentum; Investor Sentiment; Mispricing2016dissertation
18 Nguyen, ThanhEssays on management compensation and dividend policyManagement; Finance; Studies; Compensation; Dividend distributions2011-08dissertation
19 Lee, Michael J.Essays on online influence and motivation: the cases of crowdfunding and employmentWeb studies2018dissertation
20 Kolay, MadhuparnaEssays on the flow of distress along the supply chainFinance2012-08dissertation
21 Cannon, James NibleyEvaluating determinants of sticky costs and operations based earnings prediction models using air transportation industry data and validation of verifiable detail as a source of credibility in customer retention strategy disclosureAccounting; Transportation industry; Earnings forecasting; Airline industry; Cost accounting; Capacity; Customer retentio2011-08dissertation
22 Buti, KrisztinaFirm size, idiosyncratic risk, and shareholder gains in corporate acquisitionscorporate acquisitions; event study; limits to arbitrage; shareholder gains2016dissertation
23 Howe, David CharlesFollowing the leader or following the follower: subordinates as influential agents of managers' behaviorsClaiming; Followership; Granting; Influence; Leadership2017dissertation
24 Kim, Won JungGovernment accountability and financial reporting: are two reporting models better than one?2019dissertation
25 Wareham, Justin D.He Does, She Does? the effects of sexism on nonverbal complementarity and mimicry of dominance and affiliation in mixed-gender dyadic interactionsSocial psychology; Management; Organizational behavior; Gender studies2017dissertation
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