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1 A digital comb filter1983-03Textir_htca
2 A lumped capacitance approach for the nondestructive dielectric measurements of substrates1988-06Textir_htca
3 A microcomputer controlled E Field meter1981-06Textir_htca
4 The budgeter: A home finance manager for the IBM PC1984-06Textir_htca
5 Design of a 6-axis force sensor for the wrist of a robot arm1987-06Textir_htca
6 Design of memory structures for map decoder1998-08Textir_htca
7 Development of gas-phase raman spectroscopy for commercial and industrial applications1998-06Textir_htca
8 Effect of material properties on a subdermal UHF RFID antenna2018Textir_uspace
9 The integration of voice and data using the FDDI protocol1988-06Textir_htca
10 Power data recorder: OS-9 configuration and triggering algorithms1992-06Textir_htca
11 Q-BOP dynamic process control : automated analysis of heat and mass balances, kinetics and thermodynamics1994Textir_htca
12 Two-dimensional symmetric convolution software package1986-04Textir_htca
1 - 25 of 12