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1 Garrett, Timothy J.The Wasatch Hydrometeor Aggregation and Riming ExperimentRun loadalldata.m to read in MASC and MRR data from Alta Base and weather data obtained throughout Collins Gulch during the 2012 to 2013 winter season.2013
2 Horel, John D.The climatology of synoptic-scale ascent over Western North America: a perspective on storm tracksThe position and variability of storm tracks across western North America are examined during the October-April cool seasons spanning 1989-2010. The location and intensity of storms are represented by strong synoptic-scale ascent, which is diagnosed by the alternative balance omega equation applied ...2012-01-01
3 Horel, John D.Idealized large-eddy simulations of sea and lake breezes: sensitivity to lake diameter, heat flux and stabilityIdealized large-eddy simulations of lake and sea breezes are conducted to deter mine the sensitivity of these thermally-driven circulations to variations in the land-surface sensible heat flux and initial atmospheric stability. The lake-breeze and sea-breeze metrics of horizontal wind speed, horizon...2012-01-01
4 Jenkins, Alyssa MarieObserving snow and wind: using the environment to engage students in science and engineeringThis study focused on the effectiveness of new curriculum that was integrated with hands on environmental instrumentation and student learning. The goals of this study were to increase student proficiency with environmental instrumentation, as well as enhance student confidence to use technologies t...Science, learning, hands on, environment, new curriculum2011
5 Steenburgh, William JamesClimate change and Utah: the scientific consenusThis report, entitled \"Climate Change and Utah: The Scientific Consensus\" was prepared for Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. under the direction of his Blue Ribbon Advisory Council on Climate Change (BRAC). It summarizes current (2007) scientific understanding of climate change and its potential imp...Climate, Climate Change, Utah2007-09
6 Fukuta, NorihikoFundamental principles of cloud and aerosol physics2010-07-26
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