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1 "Oh Brother! What a dreadful picture of all of us except Mrs. Kent who was Hollywooding anyway (the Postmaster looks 10 years older, the young man is handsome. Poor "Clint" looks like a "Juddy-dud" Terrific! But the occasion was terrific!)."uum_mapImage
2 1935 Legislature Joint Committee of House and Senate1935uum_mapImage
3 ?uum_mapImage
4 April 1947 in cell block of Utah State Penitentiary Interview, "Leaving keys in cars when they are parked"1947-04uum_mapImage
5 At dinner given for Reva Beck Bosone by Westminster College. Reva accepting a plaque1977-03-10uum_mapImage
6 Cecil Hardinguum_mapImage
7 Chan Gong Uruehamuum_mapImage
8 City Judges taken in Criminal Court in Basement of City and County Building Jan 4 19371937-01-04uum_mapImage
9 Congressional Cruise April 1949, aboard USS Midway (and duplicate)1949-04uum_mapImage
10 Congresswoman Reva Beck Bosone (D-Utah).1951-08-01uum_mapImage
11 The day I was sworn in at Post Office Department as the Judicial Officer.uum_mapImage
12 Dr. Joseph Phipp.uum_mapImage
13 Edna F. Kellyuum_mapImage
14 Foxley, Bosone, Butron, Jeppson City Judges from 19431943uum_mapImage
15 Frances P. Boteonuum_mapImage
16 Governor's Reception, 1947. L to R: Mrs. Thomas F. Kearns, Mrs. Herbert B. Maw (Governor's wife), Mrs. Mann, Mrs. Clarence Bamberger, Mrs. Dorothy Green, Mrs. Wallace Kelley, Mrs. Mark Groesbeck, Mrs. Tess Hell Kelley1947-11-05uum_mapImage
17 Group portrait to Reva signed by Elsie M. Mussay1949-12uum_mapImage
18 Helen Galagan Doylesuum_mapImage
19 The House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs meeting in Washington, D.C. in 1952.1952uum_mapImage
20 Indian Schoolsuum_mapImage
21 Indian Schoolsuum_mapImage
22 Indian Schoolsuum_mapImage
23 Indian Schoolsuum_mapImage
24 Indian Schoolsuum_mapImage
25 Indian Schoolsuum_mapImage
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