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1 "Oh Brother! What a dreadful picture of all of us except Mrs. Kent who was Hollywooding anyway (the Postmaster looks 10 years older, the young man is handsome. Poor "Clint" looks like a "Juddy-dud" Terrific! But the occasion was terrific!)."Image
2 1935 Legislature Joint Committee of House and Senate1935Image
3 ?Image
4 April 1947 in cell block of Utah State Penitentiary Interview, "Leaving keys in cars when they are parked"1947-04Image
5 At dinner given for Reva Beck Bosone by Westminster College. Reva accepting a plaque1977-03-10Image
6 Cecil HardingImage
7 Chan Gong UruehamImage
8 City Judges taken in Criminal Court in Basement of City and County Building Jan 4 19371937-01-04Image
9 Congressional Cruise April 1949, aboard USS Midway (and duplicate)1949-04Image
10 Congresswoman Reva Beck Bosone (D-Utah).1951-08-01Image
11 The day I was sworn in at Post Office Department as the Judicial Officer.Image
12 Dr. Joseph Phipp.Image
13 Edna F. KellyImage
14 Foxley, Bosone, Butron, Jeppson City Judges from 19431943Image
15 Frances P. BoteonImage
16 Governor's Reception, 1947. L to R: Mrs. Thomas F. Kearns, Mrs. Herbert B. Maw (Governor's wife), Mrs. Mann, Mrs. Clarence Bamberger, Mrs. Dorothy Green, Mrs. Wallace Kelley, Mrs. Mark Groesbeck, Mrs. Tess Hell Kelley1947-11-05Image
17 Group portrait to Reva signed by Elsie M. Mussay1949-12Image
18 Helen Galagan DoylesImage
19 The House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs meeting in Washington, D.C. in 1952.1952Image
20 Indian SchoolsImage
21 Indian SchoolsImage
22 Indian SchoolsImage
23 Indian SchoolsImage
24 Indian SchoolsImage
25 Indian SchoolsImage
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