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1 68 Mess Hall workers at the Tule Lake Internment camp. Florence Nishijima Hanagata, second row, far right.1943-09-18Image
2 A man sawing a piece of wood while a young girl holds onto his leg.Image
3 A scene at the Harvest Festival, Tule Lake. [1]1942-10-31Image
4 A scene at the Harvest Festival, Tule Lake. [2]1942-10-31Image
5 A woman and young child in their Sunday clothes.Image
6 A woman standing in front of a house.Image
7 A young girl climbing out of a truck as she arrives at Tule Lake.Image
8 A young man and woman.Image
9 An elementary school class gathered for a group portrait outside their school house.Image
10 An unidentified young man.Image
11 Barracks at the hog farm.1942-11-05Image
12 Baseball game.Image
13 Batter swinging during a baseball game.Image
14 Boy Scouts carrying a flag during a Labor Day parade in Tule Lake.Image
15 Boy Scouts standing at attention during a Labor Day parade in Tule Lake.Image
16 Boys of the lower fifth grade playing "Cock Fight."1942-11-03Image
17 Cabaret international evacuee show.1942-11-01Image
18 Caucasian woman holding a young evacuee.Image
19 Child walking down a street.Image
20 Child walking down the street from a parked vehicle.Image
21 Children playing baseball in the street.Image
22 Children playing in the street in front of a row of barracks.Image
23 Children sitting in a chair outside a home.Image
24 Close-up view of a garbage truck from the center which is used to bring food to the hogs at the temporary farm location.1942-11-04Image
25 Crane filling a dump truck with dirt. [1]Image
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