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1 a brook flowing over rocks and tree branchesImage
2 Air Service, 3rd Army, A.E.F.; Cobling, Germany; January 18, 19191919-01-18Image
3 an unidentified man standing next to a roadImage
4 an unidentified womanImage
5 an unidentified womanImage
6 an unidentified woman in lawn in front of street with a passing carImage
7 an unidentified woman sitting on rocksImage
8 an unidentified woman standing in a streamImage
9 an unidentified woman standing next to a tree stumpImage
10 an unidentified woman with a fur coat standing in a lawnImage
11 business card "Vote for Calvin W. Rawlings (Ex-Service Man) Democratic Candidate for State Representative"Image
12 canal with gondola; Venice, Italy; 19101910Image
13 Claire, Elenor, and Grace at Temple GroundsImage
14 Doc's GraveImage
15 Elanor and Ed standing at Temple Grounds; August 23Image
16 Elenor and Margie sitting in front of houseImage
17 Elenor at Temple GroundsImage
18 Elenor, Ed, Grace and Claire at and unidentified statueImage
19 The Evans Trio, Compliments of John James; photo by Sainsbury photo company, Salt Lake City; March 2, 19221922-03-02Image
20 Fan Portrait of Burt Lytell; stamped "Sincerely Burt Lytell"Image
21 Fan portrait of Charles Ray; signed "Sincerely Yours, Charles Ray"; photograph by Witzel Studio, Los AngelesImage
22 Fan portrait of Douglas Fairbanks; signed "Sincerely Douglas Fairbanks"Image
23 Fan portrait of Elliot Dretor; signed "Sincerely Yours Elliot Dretor"; photograph by W.F. Seely, Los AngelesImage
24 Fan portrait of Harry Carey; signed "Truly Harry Carey"Image
25 Fan Portrait of Herbert Rawlinson; stamped "Very Sincerely Herbert Rawlinson"Image
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