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1 "Bryce Canyon on the way to Camp Roberts."uum_mapImage
2 "Christmas 1942. The first Christmas Bill [Julian William Cummings] was overseas."uum_mapImage
3 "Christmas 1943. The second Christmas Bill was overseas."uum_mapImage
4 "House where I [Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings] was born, 6th Ave and J Street."uum_mapImage
5 "Last Thanksgiving time, 1945."uum_mapImage
6 "Our home, 1948 South 300 East."uum_mapImage
7 "The day Bill [Julian William Cummings] and I [Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings] left for Camp Roberts, June 1942."uum_mapImage
8 "When I [Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings] returned from Fort Sill with Al. Taken at Gwen's house, May 1945."uum_mapImage
9 "When we [Bill and Margy] first went to Fort Sill in September 1942, this is where we lived."uum_mapImage
10 "Where we [Bill and Margy] lived in Lawton, Oklahoma after Bill came home. From May 1944 to October 1945."uum_mapImage
11 A.W. Caine and Company store and bicycle shop.uum_mapImage
12 Arrow Press baseball team.uum_mapImage
13 Boys standing on a front porch.uum_mapImage
14 Child standing on the back of a car.uum_mapImage
15 Children sitting on a porch.uum_mapImage
16 Children.uum_mapImage
17 Christmas 1944.uum_mapImage
18 Christmas 1945uum_mapImage
19 Christmas 1945uum_mapImage
20 Christmas 1945uum_mapImage
21 Christmas 1945uum_mapImage
22 Christmas tree.uum_mapImage
23 Cycling race.uum_mapImage
24 Farm buildings.uum_mapImage
25 Group gathered on the steps of the L.D.S. Idaho Falls Temple, July 1946.uum_mapImage
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