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1 "Bryce Canyon on the way to Camp Roberts."Image
2 "Christmas 1942. The first Christmas Bill [Julian William Cummings] was overseas."Image
3 "Christmas 1943. The second Christmas Bill was overseas."Image
4 "House where I [Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings] was born, 6th Ave and J Street."Image
5 "Last Thanksgiving time, 1945."Image
6 "Our home, 1948 South 300 East."Image
7 "The day Bill [Julian William Cummings] and I [Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings] left for Camp Roberts, June 1942."Image
8 "When I [Marjorie (Margy) L. Caine Cummings] returned from Fort Sill with Al. Taken at Gwen's house, May 1945."Image
9 "When we [Bill and Margy] first went to Fort Sill in September 1942, this is where we lived."Image
10 "Where we [Bill and Margy] lived in Lawton, Oklahoma after Bill came home. From May 1944 to October 1945."Image
11 A.W. Caine and Company store and bicycle shop.Image
12 Arrow Press baseball team.Image
13 Boys standing on a front porch.Image
14 Child standing on the back of a car.Image
15 Children sitting on a porch.Image
16 Children.Image
17 Christmas 1944.Image
18 Christmas 1945Image
19 Christmas 1945Image
20 Christmas 1945Image
21 Christmas 1945Image
22 Christmas tree.Image
23 Cycling race.Image
24 Farm buildings.Image
25 Group gathered on the steps of the L.D.S. Idaho Falls Temple, July 1946.Image
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