Nonmydriatic fluorescence-based quantitative imaging of human macular pigment distributions.

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Publication Type Journal Article
School or College College of Pharmacy; College of Science; School of Medicine
Department Ophthalmology; Physics; Pharmacology & Toxicology
Creator Bernstein, Paul S.; Gellermann, Werner
Other Author Sharifzadeh, Mohsen
Title Nonmydriatic fluorescence-based quantitative imaging of human macular pigment distributions.
Date 2006-10
Description We have developed a CCD-camera-based nonmydriatic instrument that detects fluorescence from retinal lipofuscin chromophores ("autofluorescence") as a means to indirectly quantify and spatially image the distribution of macular pigment (MP). The lipofuscin fluorescence intensity is reduced at all retinal locations containing MP, since MP has a competing absorption in the blue-green wavelength region. Projecting a large diameter, 488 nm excitation spot onto the retina, centered on the fovea, but extending into the macular periphery, and comparing lipofuscin fluorescence intensities outside and inside the foveal area, it is possible to spatially map out the distribution of MP. Spectrally selective detection of the lipofuscin fluorescence reveals an important wavelength dependence of the obtainable image contrast and deduced MP optical density levels, showing that it is important to block out interfering fluorescence contributions in the detection setup originating from ocular media such as the lens. Measuring 70 healthy human volunteer subjects with no ocular pathologies, we find widely varying spatial extent of MP, distinctly differing distribution patterns of MP, and strongly differing absolute MP levels among individuals. Our population study suggests that MP imaging based on lipofuscin fluorescence is useful as a relatively simple, objective, and quantitative noninvasive optical technique suitable to rapidly screen MP levels and distributions in healthy humans with undilated pupils.
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Publisher Optical Society of America
Volume 23
Issue 10
First Page 2373
Last Page 2387
Subject Cytology; Sensitivity and Specificity
Subject MESH Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted; Macula Lutea; Microscopy, Fluorescence; Retinal Pigments; Spectrometry, Fluorescence
Language eng
Bibliographic Citation J Opt Soc Am A Opt Image Sci Vis. 2006 Oct;23(10):2373-87. Sharifzadeh M, Bernstein PS, Gellermann W.Nonmydriatic fluorescence-based quantitative imaging of human macular pigment distributions. Retrieved April 10,2007
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