Horizontal sediments of the lower Omo valley: the kibish formation

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Creator Brown, Francis Harold
Other Author Butzer, Karl W.; Thurber, David L.
Title Horizontal sediments of the lower Omo valley: the kibish formation
Date 1969
Description The existence of old lacustrine deposits in the Lake Rudolf Basin was first recognized by Hohnel et al. (1891 : 20f., 134) and subsequently confirmed by the work of M. Sacchi (Angelis and Millosevich, 1900) and E. Brumpt (Bourg de Bozas, 1903: 107ff.), Fuchs (1935, 1939), Champion (1937), and Arambourg (1943: 206f., 210f.). A part of these sediments, defined by Arambourg (1935, 1943 : 180ff., I90ff., 207ff., 212f.) as the Omo Beds (also Fuchs, 1939) was subsequently faulted and folded. Younger deposits, broadly horizontal and undeformed, have been cursorily described by Fuchs (1934, 1939), who identified a sequence of shorelines on the western side of Lake Rudolf, between Losidok and Ferguson's Gulf. These range in elevation from 27 meters to 100 meters above the present level of the lake (ca. 370 meters). Fuchs believed that the oldest of these beaches, described as ” Chellean ” and ” Acheulian ” on the basis of a few scatterd artifacts, were Middle Pleistocene in age, while the youngest were attributed to the Upper Pleistocene. More recently, Whitworth (1966) has studied and described this same series of deposits, suggesting a late Pleistocene to Holocene age.
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Bibliographic Citation Butzer, K. W., Brown, F. H., & Thurber, D. L. (1969). Horizontal sediments of the lower Omo valley: the kibish formation. Quaternaria, 15-29.
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