Virtual histology of transgenic mouse embryos for high-throughput phenotyping.

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Publication Type Journal Article
School or College College of Science; School of Medicine; College of Engineering
Department Oncological Sciences; Human Genetics; Radiology; Computing, School of; Bioengineering; Biology
Program Institute of Human Genetics; Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
Creator Hansen, Mark S.; Healy, Lindsey J.; Johnson, Christopher R.; Capecchi, Mario R.; Keller, Charles; Jones, Greg M.
Other Author Johnson, John T.; Wu, Isabel
Title Virtual histology of transgenic mouse embryos for high-throughput phenotyping.
Date 2006
Description A bold new effort to disrupt every gene in the mouse genome necessitates systematic, interdisciplinary approaches to analyzing patterning defects in the mouse embryo. We present a novel, rapid, and inexpensive method for obtaining high-resolution virtual histology for phenotypic assessment of mouse embryos. Using osmium tetroxide to differentially stain tissues followed by volumetric X-ray computed tomography to image whole embryos, isometric resolutions of 27 mum or 8 mum were achieved with scan times of 2 h or 12 h, respectively, using mid-gestation E9.5-E12.5 embryos. The datasets generated by this method are immediately amenable to state-of-the-art computational methods of organ patterning analysis. This technique to assess embryo anatomy represents a significant improvement in resolution, time, and expense for the quantitative, three-dimensional analysis of developmental patterning defects attributed to genetically engineered mutations and chemically induced embryotoxicity.
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Publisher Public Library of Science
Journal Title PLoS Genetics
Volume 2
Issue 4
First Page e61
DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.0020061
citatation_issn 1553-7390
Subject Forkhead Transcription Factors; Paired Box Transcription Factors
Subject MESH Mice, Transgenic; Embryonic Development; Genetic Screening
Language eng
Bibliographic Citation PLoS Genet. 2006 Apr;2(4):e61. Epub 2006 Apr 28. Johnson JT, Hansen MS, Wu I, Healy LJ, Johnson CR, Jones GM, Capecchi MR, Keller C. Virtual histology of transgenic mouse embryos for high-throughput phenotyping. Reterived on September 7, 2006 from
Rights Management Public Library of Science 2006
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