Anti-interleukin-6 antibodies inhibit herpes simplex virus reactivation.

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Publication Type Journal Article
School or College School of Medicine
Department Dermatology; Internal Medicine; Ophthalmology; Neurology
Creator Kriesel, John D.; Maulden, Sarah Annamarie; Spruance, Spotswood L.
Other Author Gebhardt, B. M.; Hill, J. M.; Hwang, I. P.; Clinch, T. E.; Cao, X.; Araneo, B. A.
Title Anti-interleukin-6 antibodies inhibit herpes simplex virus reactivation.
Date 1997
Description Herpes simplex viruses (HSVs) infect epithelial cells, become localized in neurons, and can reactivate in response to a variety of stimuli, including ultraviolet light and hyperthermia. The sequence of gene activation during viral replication is known, but the molecular linkage between exogenous stimuli and HSV reactivation has not been determined. It was hypothesized that interleukin (IL)-6 acts as a signal between exogenous stimuli and neurons, stimulating HSV reactivation from latency. Mouse corneas were infected with HSV-1, and ocular reactivation was induced 5-7 weeks later by thermal stress or corneal exposure to ultraviolet light. Anti-IL-6 monoclonal antibodies were administered to the latently infected mice 8-12 h before the reactivation stimulus. Treatment with anti-IL-6 antibodies resulted in significantly lower frequencies of ocular reactivation compared with those in mice treated with a control immunoglobulin. These results support the hypothesis that IL-6 plays a role in HSV reactivation from latency.
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Publisher University of Chicago Press
Volume 175
Issue 4
First Page 821
Last Page 827
Subject Mice, Inbred BALB C; Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha; Virus Activation
Subject MESH Antibodies, Monoclonal; Interleukin-6; Simplexvirus
Language eng
Bibliographic Citation Kriesel JD, Gebhardt BM, Hill JM, Maulden SA, Hwang IP, Clinch TE, Cao X, Spruance SL, Araneo BA. (1997). Anti-interleukin-6 antibodies inhibit herpes simplex virus reactivation. J Infect Dis, 175(4), 821-7.
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