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Collection Overview +/-

Title: Sullivan Calvin Richardson Papers,
Dates: 1910-1940. (inclusive)
Collection Number: Mss B 199
Summary: Teacher and writer. Consists of correspondence, draft manuscripts, informally bound collections of Richardson's writings. Correspondence is concerned with the development of his family, the Great Depression, and efforts to secure publication of his writing.
Repository: Utah State Historical Society

Collection Inventory +/-

Box Folder Contents
Box , Folder : Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 1 : 1910-1928
Box 1, Folder 2 : 1929-1931
Box 1, Folder 3 : January-May 1932
Box 1, Folder 4 : June-December 1932
Box 1, Folder 5 : 1933
Box 1, Folder 6 : January-May 1934
Box 1, Folder 7 : June-December 1934
Box 1, Folder 8 : January-May 1935
Box 1, Folder 9 : June-December 1935
Box 1, Folder 10 : January-March 1936
Box 1, Folder 11 : April-June 1936
Box 1, Folder 12 : July-September 1936
Box 1, Folder 13 : October-December 1936
Box 1, Folder 14 : January-April 1937
Box 2, Folder 1 : May-July 1937
Box 2, Folder 2 : August-December 1937
Box 2, Folder 3 : January-April 1938
Box 2, Folder 4 : May-August 1938
Box 2, Folder 5 : September-December 1938
Box 2, Folder 6 : January-April 1939
Box 2, Folder 7 : May-August 1939
Box 2, Folder 8 : September-December 1939; January-February 1940
Box 2, Folder 9 : Undated
Box , Folder : Genealogy
Box 2, Folder 10 : Genealogy Materials
Box , Folder : Manuscripts
Box 2, Folder 11 : "Shall we Believe in Our Bible?" Ringbinder, n.d.
Box 3, Folder 1 : "Ben of Valernio" n.d.
Box 3, Folder 2 : "Birthday Greetings," 1937
Box 3, Folder 3 : "Christmas Wish Tableau," 1936
Box 3, Folder 4 : "The Destiny of Man," 1937
Box 3, Folder 5 : "Do We Appreciate It?," 1935
Box 3, Folder 6 : "Heritage from Mothers," 1928
Box 3, Folder 7 : "How We Came Near Being Rail-Road Men," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 8 : "Interesting Facts in Regard to Our Bible," 1926
Box 3, Folder 9 : "Introduction to the 'Lineage of Ephraim," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 10 : "Is there a God and Immortality?," 1937
Box 3, Folder 11 : "Leaving Wilford, Arizona," 1939
Box 3, Folder 12 : "May there be a Connecting Link between the Jaredites and the Ainus of Japan?," 1938
Box 3, Folder 13 : Press kit, "The National Press looks at the Mormons," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 14 : "A Navajo's Plan to Get Judgment," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 15 : Poem, "Old Fogies of Gila Valley," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 16 : "The Other Side of It," 1921
Box 3, Folder 17 : "The Past Never Ends," 1939
Box 3, Folder 18 : "Poem Thoughts on What the Bible Has for Us," 1940
Box 3, Folder 19 : "Poems," 1934
Box 3, Folder 20 : "Power in Thought," 1937
Box 3, Folder 21 : "President Woodruff's Visit to Arizona," 1936
Box 3, Folder 22 : "Remembrances of Alexander F. Macdonald," 1937
Box 3, Folder 23 : "Remembrances of Lot Smith . . .," 1936
Box 3, Folder 24 : "Shall We Accept the Old Bible?," 1934
Box 3, Folder 25 : "Sketch of Charles Edmund Richardson," 1939
Box 3, Folder 26 : "Sketch of Pioneer Days and Remembrances of United Order Times," various dates
Box 3, Folder 27 : "Some Important Facts for Boys . . .," 1934
Box 3, Folder 28 : "That Something," 1921
Box 3, Folder 29 : "Thrills Connected with the 'Lineage of Ephraim,'" 1937
Box 3, Folder 30 : "Thrills for Testimony Seekers," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 31 : "Trip with Jacob Hamblin" n.d.
Box 3, Folder 32 : "The Vortex of Triapas," 1936
Box 3, Folder 33 : "Was it Inspiration?," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 34 : "Was it Planned?," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 35 : "The Whiting Family," n.d.
Box 3, Folder 36 : "Who was to Blame?," 1938
Box 3, Folder 37 : "World of Wonders," 1939
Box , Folder : Personal material
Box 4, Folder 1 : "Memory Book"
Box 4, Folder 2 : Miscellaneous notes and receipts
Box 4, Folder 2 1: Notebooks
Box 4, Folder 2 2: Spanish Grammar Lessons, Recipes, Names
Box 4, Folder 2 3: Letters and photos
Box 4, Folder 2 4: Money Order receipts and lists
Box 4, Folder 2 5: Notes and missionary activity
Box 4, Folder 2 6: Accounts and receipts
Box 4, Folder 3 : Notes

Biographical Note/Historical Note +/-

Constructing a biography of Sullivan Calvin Richardson is hampered by the absence of documented incidents and events in his life from his birth in 1861 until some of his correspondence surfaces (ca. 1910). His own life sketches help, in some measure, to fill in the blanks for his first fifty years.

Richardson was born 26 January 1861 in Manti; beyond the death of his mother when he was about twelve years old Richardson says little of his boyhood. In their late teens, he and his older brother Charles Edmund were called to Colonia Diaz where they made their lives part of the United Order. The brothers married polygamously and returned to Arizona during the early twentieth century.

Sullivan Calvin Richardson first married Martha Irena Curtis (of Salem, Utah) in September 1881; their issue included nine children, five of whom lived to adulthood. In December 1884, he married Amy Teresa Leavitt (of Centerville, Utah); eleven children came of this union, ten of whom lived past childhood. Richardson moved with his wives from Colonia Diaz prior to 1910 and they spent their remaining years in Mesa, Arizona and environs.

During his years in Mexico, Richardson apparently supported his families by teaching school; there is some evidence of farming interests as well. Upon his return to America, he apparently taught school and sold cookware and washing machines on the road in rural Arizona. While he is known modestly in his later years as a writer and pamphleteer, the evidence of his correspondence suggests that this activity was far from financially rewarding.

The economic hardships suffered by Richardson and his families during the Depression years are amply documented in his correspondence. He enjoyed generally good health throughout his life. This circumstance probably accounts in part for not only his willingness but his ability to go on the road selling his pamphlets; in his 78th year he rode his bicycle to neighboring rural Arizona towns to sell remaining copies of his booklets.

The tenor of his life may be discerned in his correspondence. Some 1,500 pieces of correspondence are included in the present collection. The earliest dates from 1910 and his last extant letter is from 1940, the year of his death.

Based on his correspondence and the other materials included in this collection, one may reasonably conclude that Richardson's life was characterized by an unswerving devotion to the LDS church, to the moral and spiritual guidance of young people and to his family. The publications of his later years, the biographic sketches of his wives and himself and his correspondence lead resolutely to this characterization.

Content Description +/-

The Sullivan Calvin Richardson Collection consists of approximately 52 centimeters of correspondence, draft manuscripts and informally bound collections of Richardson's writings, both published and unpublished. The bulk of the collection consists of Richardson's correspondence from 1910 until early 1940.

The correspondence itself is concerned with the development of his families, the grinding economic deprivations of the Depression, his devotion to the principles of the LDS religion, and his efforts to secure publication of his pamphlets and other materials. The remainder of the collection consists of drafts of his manuscripts and life sketches of his family.

Richardson's correspondence occupies the first two boxes of this collection. Researchers should note first that the correspondence is arranged chronologically and second that Richardson frequently used a single sheet of paper (and sometimes the back of letters received) for carbon copies of his own letters. In this, he commingled correspondence with family members, with associates and with his publisher.

The third box of Richardson materials contains draft manuscripts of his writings. Richardson was not always fastidious in his dating of various drafts and copies of his manuscripts; the copies included here are generally those that have the most recent date and present the "cleanest" appearance.

The fourth box of materials contains the Richardson family "Memory Book," copies of which were apparently sent to other family members from time to time. Included also are six small notebooks together with approximately two centimeters of manuscript materials.

In the course of processing Richardson materials a sizeable body of papers has been removed and returned to the family. This returned material includes copies of manuscripts (published and unpublished), materials such as newspaper clippings, recipes, and poems that Richardson collected and miscellaneous materials not of Richardson's hand.

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