Coal tar autoxidation: Kinetic studies by viscometric and refractometric methods

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Publication Type dissertation
School or College College of Mines & Earth Sciences
Department Fuels Engineering
Author Lin, Yung-Yi
Title Coal tar autoxidation: Kinetic studies by viscometric and refractometric methods
Date 1974-10
Description The autoxidation of coal tars (boiling point up to 300°C) from bituminous coal hydrogenated at 650°C and carbonization (at 700°C) processes has been studied under ordinary storage conditions. Both the viscosity and the refraction of the coal tars increased continuously during the autoxidation. Infrared spectra show that double bonds diminish* and Oxygen-containing functional groups in the tar increase as it is oxidized in air. This result corresponds very well with the decrease of iodine number. At oxygen pressures greater than 50 mm, the rate of oxidation is independent of the oxygen partial pressure. The viscosity increment is linear with the reaction time indicating that the autoxidation of coal tar is a diffusion-controlled reaction. The activation energy of coal tar autoxidation from the hydrogenation process is about 9.07 Kcal/mole. The behavior of coal tars produced by hydrogenation is compared with that for tars produced from carbonization. Neutral oils are also compared with tar acids and tar bases in their autoxidation behavior. A general mechanism is proposed to account for the experimental results.
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Publisher University of Utah
Subject Coal-tar; Oxidation
Dissertation Institution University of Utah
Dissertation Name PhD
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