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Title Volume 08, Number 3, 4, Autumn-Winter 1973
Subject Periodicals; Mormons; Religious thought; Philosophy and religion
Description Independent national quarterly established to express Mormon culture and examine the relevance of religion to secular life. It is edited by Mormons who wish to bring their faith into dialogue with human experience as a whole and to foster artistic and scholarly achievement based on their cultural heritage. The journal encourages a variety of viewpoints; although every effort is made to insure accurate scholarship and responsible judgment, the views expressed are those of the individual authors and are not necessarily those of the Mormon Church or of the editors.
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Date 1973
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Title Page 95
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Source Dialogue: Vol 8 No 3, 4
Description Treasures in the Heavens I 95 "Space and time are the plan of the world-system . . .," G. S. Fullerton, in Philosophical Review, 10 (1910), 595. 92The work begins with hyle, C. Schmidt, Texte u. Unters., 8 (1892), 365, 372, although "We do not know whether Hyle was already present in the Treasury of Light or not," there was a "kerasmos in which Light and Matter are mixed in various proportions/' ib., 383. "Kenaz" in the Visio Kenaz (M. R. James, Apocr. Anecdota, II, No. 3 [Cambridge, 1893], 178-79) sees "flames that do not consume and fountains stirring into life," amid a vague substance taking form at the Creation. Those who were with God "before his works of old" are later "to inherit substance, and fill their treasures," Proverbs viii:i9-22, referring perhaps to a new, material, phase of creation—see above, notes 80-84. 93It is well for men not to contemplate the bathos too intently, Gospel of Truth, fol. XlXr, 8f.; I Enoch, frgs. in R. H. Charles, The Book of Enoch (Oxford, 1912), 297; Evang. Barthol., Frg. iii, in Revue Biblique, 10 (1913), 326. Matter having no fixity or stability," is repellent, Gospel of Truth, fol. XIIIv, 15ft; Pistis Sophia, 39 (63). Apocal. of Abraham, 16-17. Sophia's first advice to her son was, "Get a foothold, O youth, in these places!" Creation Apocryphon, 148:12; 149:6. The foothold idea may have inspired the ubiquitous image of the "Rock," e.g., IQS, xi:5; R. Eisler, Iesous Basileus . . . (Heidelberg, 1930), II, 286f. Preparing for the Creation, Marduk, having found his space, established the stations (fixed points of reference) beside the star Nibiru, firmly bolted on the left and on the right, Enuma Elish, v:8-io. 942nd Gnostic Work, 2a-3s; 18a. The fundamentum of a world begins to take form when touched by a scintilla, but "the spark ceases and the fountain is stopped" when the inhabitants transgress, Visio Kenaz, I.e. Matter without Light is inert and helpless, Pistis Sophia, 55 (107); Berlin Munich. Hs., I, 130; it is the "first light" which reproduces "the pattern of the heavenly model" wherever it touches, Creation Apocryphon, 146:20. For "rays from the worlds of light stream down to the earthly world" for the awakening of mortals, "The 1012 Questions, 199L; sometimes a column of light joins earth to heaven, Synax. Arab., in Migne, P.O., XI =754, even as the divine plan is communicated to distant worlds by a spark, 2nd Gnostic Work, 29a-30a; it is the "dynamis of Light" that animates one world from another, C. Schmidt., Texte u. Unters., 8 (1892), 331. God's assistants, "the faithful servants of Melchizedek," rescue and preserve the light particles lest any be lost in space, Schmidt, Texte u. Unters., 8 (1892), 404, cf. 2nd Gnostic Work. The spark is also called a "drop," Sophia Christi, 104:7ft.; it is "the divine drop of light than he (man) brought with him from above," ib., 119:1ft. The Spark can reactivate bodies that have become inert by the loss of former light, Pistis Sophia, 65 (134). It is like a tiny bit of God himself, "die kleine Idee," Schmidt, Texte u. Unters., 8 (1892), 396; I ]eu, 7; H. Zandee, in Numen, 11 (1964), 67. Thus Christ calls upon the Father, addressing him as "Spinther," to send light to the Apostles, Pistis Sophia, 130 (35). This light comes from the Treasury, Berlin Manich. Hs., I, 44. 95C. Schmidt, op. cit., 333. Knowledge of the divine plan is communicated to the worlds by a spark, 2nd Gnostic Work, 29a-3oa; the Father "let an idea come out of His Treasury . . ." / Jeu, 7, even as "the Son of Radiance" is sent forth to enlighten the worlds, Psalms of Thomas, viii:i2; such an ambassador is himself a "treasure-chamber of Life . . ." ib., iii:i8. All the mysteries are "shared out" among 380 Worlds of Light "as they emanate from that Supreme Celestial world," The 1012 Questions, 112. God is "pure radiance, a precious Treasure of Light, the Intelligence which correcteth the hearts of all our kings!" ib. 123. The "Emanation" (probole) is a sharing of treasures, so that "das Lichtschatz ist also der Gipfelpunkt des Universums," C. Schmidt, Texte u. Unters., 8 (1892), 325, 266. "The sparks from the Crown scatter to every Place," Ginza, 7; the Power of the Light, radiating into surrounding Chaos, produces a higher type of topos wherever it goes, Pistis Sophia, 58 (112), the creation process being the adding of Light and its power to dark chaotic matter, ib., 50 (94), 48 (85f.), 50 (90). Every phoster goes back to the same Root, Manichaean Psalm-book, II, 26, 138. 96An important part of God's plan is the providing of a proper topos for the saints, Pastor Hermae, III, Simil. v:6. Each topos awaiting occupants is the result of the diffusion of the Treasure, I Jeu, 11. For "there has previously been prepared a topos for every soul of man," Secrets of Enoch, xlix:2; lviii :4ft., "mansions without number," lx:2. The work of Jesus was to collect the treasures of the Father into one blessed topos of meeting, Acts of Thomas, xlviii. While the Elect have their mansions, I Enoch, xli:i-9, there are special places set apart for spirits in transition, ib., xxii: 3, 9. For each specific group yet to be born a place has been prepared, 77 Baruch, xxiii:4. The earthly and heavenly hosts alike have their assigned places, 7QM, xii: 1-2. There is an assigned place of glory for each hereafter, Epist. I Clem., v, vi; Polycarp, Epist. ad Phil, ix; Apocryphon of Adam, 69:19ft.; everyone should know to what topos he has been called and live accordingly, Epist. II Clem., i; v; Ignatius, ad Magnes., v; Polycarp, op. cit., xi; Oxyrhinchus Frg., No. 654:22. No one gets a topos without earning it,
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